30 Days of Change

I I am so ridiculously excited about this challenge that I am literally losing sleep over it. What’s the big deal? It has the potential to change your life. I know, because it has changed mine. Learning to live with intentionality and set goals effectively increases your productivity and helps you be successful in literally … [Read more…]

How to Achieve any Goal- and Why You’ve Failed Before!

Have you ever set a goal for yourself only to fail and ultimately give up? Everything always begins well- you are excited, motivated, and ready for success. However, a few weeks, or maybe just days, into the process, something comes up. You don’t progress as quickly as you had hoped. Your excitement begins to wane … [Read more…]

Debt Free Diary- Entry 6

6/12/16 Thanks, Dave Ramsey. I’m officially a freak. I no longer use hair products or cleaning products- yay vinegar and baking soda. My husband refuses to take medicine for anything- apple cider vinegar to the win again! My next project is to cut up old T-shirts to use instead of paper towels.We have eaten beans … [Read more…]