Debt Free Diary-Entry 3


Alright, $600 in the emergency fund, a budget that we cant quite make get to 0 and a lot of hours of overtime, but we have made it through the month.

Although I always blamed my husband, I have realized that I too have a spending problem. I am just sneakier about it. Plus, since I was the one manning the budget, I could hide it under buying things for people or “projects”. Neither are bad things, if you have money for it.

We currently do not.

So instead of spending money I am looking desperately for a yard sale and viewing everything in my home as junk to make money off of. We may end up in an empty house with nothing to sit on by the time I’m done. But, I want to live like no one else so that later I can live like no one else.

My daycare is flopping. Ok, it has only existed one week. I only have my son there, which means it costs me more money than regular daycare did. My caregiver just told me she is pregnant -so time to work out maternity leave. After one week of being an employer. Go big or go home right? Now I am desperately searching for an older child to add in so that mine can have a friend. I know I have 2 babies starting in August but that is a long time to pay extra.

My car is on a lease that will be ending soon. I have been bugging my husband about returning it an allowing me to go without. He was super against it until Dave Ramsey said it. Now it’s a great idea. Amazing how that happens. I am going to buy a junker for a couple of years until we get ourselves together. Well, baby is throwing breakfast on the floor and putting it in his hair so I guess my moment of venting and reflection is over. Back to real life.

Author: Vanessa

I am a free spirit who learned to use creativity as a key to success in chasing after debt freedom. I am a mom, lover of all things DIY, a little bit of a treehugger and modern-day hippy and an encourager to the core. If you need a little inspiration for your debt free journey, you’ve come to the right place.

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